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Why attend

Connect with the builders and buyers of mining innovation


Over the course of the event, Exhibitors will connect with hundreds of people in the mining industry with the capability and influence to purchase your technology. Nothing beats live demonstrations in an underground operation mine to showcase the power of your products!

Mining Executives

At Mining Transformed, you’ll find emerging technology with the potential to solve some of the most challenging issues facing the global mining industry. See and touch technology firsthand with live demonstrations in an underground operating mine. Mining Transformed tickets are limited and by invite only. Please use your provided promo code at checkout.

Mining Transformed will be a must-attend event to discover new technologies transforming the mining industry.

Examples of emerging technologies that you may find at Mining Transformed:
  • Teleremote and autonomous vehicle operation
  • Ventilating and on-demand monitoring systems
  • Telemetry, sensors, analytics, AI, big data and software systems
  • Drone and survey testing and evaluation
  • Blasting materials and systems
  • Wearables for health and safety
  • Underground and surface drilling and bolting technology
  • Electric vehicles and energy storage systems
  • LTE/5G, coaxial and WiFi systems
  • And more!

Results and Takeaways from Mining Transformed 2022


Of mining executives indicated that the NORCAT Underground Centre provided an environment that enhanced or improved the probability of the mining company to procure, adopt and deploy a technology viewed on site


Of technology companies generated >3 prospective and meaningful sales leads as a result of demonstrating in a real underground mine


Of buyers and sellers collectively believe that collaboration amongst themselves to develop, test and demonstrate technology is "poor to average", reinforcing NORCAT's role to enable the ecosystem to bring buyers and sellers together

{Source: Mining Transformed 2022 Survey Data}

Mining Transformed 2022

Strathcona Mine Road, Onaping, ON, Canada

How To Get Here

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